Stop Smoking Select Therapy with Andras Keleti Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Psychologist in London, Milton Keynes and Skype

Stop Smoking Treatment

Weight Loss Select Therapy with Andras Keleti Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Psychologist in London, Milton Keynes and Skype

Weight Loss Treatment

Stop Smoking Treatment

“Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit” – New Scientist (vol. 136)

Have you decided to stop smoking because:

  • You want to reduce the risk of potentially fatal illnesses like cancer or heart disease?

  • You would like to have a longer and generally healthier life?

  • You are tired of just thinking about the time, energy and money spent on smoking?

  • You want to protect the people around you from your secondhand smoke and set a good example to others, to your children e.g.?

  • You would like to improve your energy levels, fitness and confidence?

  • You want to become fresher, more attractive with your skin rejuvenated and free of that constant smell?

The list could go on… Making your decision based on your personal motives is a very important step.

Stop Smoking Therapy with Andras Keleti Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Psychologist in London, Milton Keynes and Skype

An Evidence-based, Multi-Component Therapy Approach can dramatically increase your chances of becoming a non-smoker and staying one permanently

Clinical researches have shown that hypnotherapy and multi-component therapy interventions are way more effective than nicotine patches or willpower alone.

Stop Smoking Treatment includes:

Phone Consultation & Preparation

First we have a brief assessment of your smoking habit and motivation over the phone. This is also a good opportunity to discuss every question or concern you may have. I’ll provide you with some guidelines and a therapeutic suggestion recording that will help you prepare to stop the habit and become a non-smoker.

Treatment Session

Stop Smoking Treatment is delivered in a single two-hour session. Research tells us that a single session treatment can be as effective as multiple-session treatments (and more cost-effective). Plus, quitting smoking in stages generally isn’t regarded as the royal road to a smoke free life.

The multi-component approach means that we use a powerful extract of those therapeutic interventions that have the best evidential support for successful smoking cessation therapy. Having assessed your smoking behaviour thoroughly, we will focus on breaking the habit from as many angles as possible. We will also practice the skills that will help you deal with challenging situations and remain a non-smoker.

All the way we will work on boosting your motivation, confidence and  commitment to the maximum, using CBT techniques and hypnotic imagery exercises.

An essential part of our work together will be about having you learn how to reach the ‘relaxed’, contended feeling that you may want from cigarettes, using your own, natural ‘built-in’ relaxation system.

“…His tension is a preliminary withdrawal symptom that the addictive drug quickly satisfies – which explains the origin of the contented, relaxed feeling that the smoker gets from a cigarette. Smoking is a friendly assassin. It inflicts a wound, which more smoking anaesthetizes and keeps from healing.”

– Andrew Salter (Conditioned Reflex Therapy)

We know that the ‘relaxation’ you get from nicotine is a deception: Nicotine is a powerful stimulant, it elevates your heart rate, activates stress hormones, basically causing continuous stress in the nervous system. However, it manages to get away with this, by giving you a short dopamine rush, a sense of contentment that temporarily conceals your restlessness and agitation caused by the stimulant effect of nicotine in the first place.

If cigarettes had calming, relaxing effects, you could smoke yourself to sleep by having a number of them in a row, and heavy smokers would look the most chilled out, relaxed people in the world. However, the contrary is true: It prevents natural relaxation and contentment. So you will have the opportunity to learn the skills to use your body’s own mechanisms to give yourself those good feelings, in a natural and healthy way.

Post-Treatment Support

In addition to the 2 hour treatment, you will receive a hypnosis recording and a set of coping techniques, guidelines (and ‘fail-safe’ tools), that will further reinforce the new, smoke-free life. If needed, one booster session (no extra cost) and phone support is available to assist you in staying smoke-free permanently.

Likelihood of Success

Research indicates that smokers are over five times more likely to stop smoking with hypnotherapy than by willpower alone. The data also suggests that treatments using multi-component Cognitive Behavioural Therapy elements are especially effective. We also know that client motivation and active participation in the process are key elements in success, as treatment is a collaborative process.

I can not guarantee success, but I can guarantee this: I will bring to our session the scientifically most accepted treatment interventions, with the relevant knowledge, skills, attitude and commitment to our work together. I am confident that you will find this service of high quality and value, so I offer a money back guarantee if you don’t feel that I brought to your treatment the above mentioned knowledge, skills and attitude.  

The criteria for this guarantee:

1. It is requested within 8 weeks of our session.

2. You have used the learned tools, followed the guidance and contacted me for further support.

Stop Smoking Treatment is available online as well

Therapy on Skype has the same effectiveness as traditional face to face therapy. Learn more about Skype Sessions here.


What’s next?

If you would like to schedule your Stop Smoking Treatment appointment or just want to talk about your questions and goals:

Feel free to get in touch via email: or Skype: andraskeletipsy

Weight Loss Treatment

Cognitive-behavioural and Clinical Hypnotherapy methods for weight loss and long-term weight maintenance

Everybody has their personal reasons for starting Weight Loss Therapy: ‘I want to lose weight to..’

  • Improve my health.

  • Feel fitter and generally better physically.

  • Become more confident and attractive.

  • Be able to wear the clothes I love.

  • Improve my social life, love life, career etc.

Weight Loss Therapy with Andras Keleti Cognitive Hypnotherapist, Psychologist in London, Milton Keynes and Skype

I use evidence-based approaches to weight loss and weight control. These methods offer significant health benefits and psychological benefits.

Why this treatment?

This treatment puts an emphasis on teaching you the psychological and behavioural skills to prevent weight regain and maintain your ideal, healthy weight long-term.

We know that radical weight loss always backfires, leading to weight regain. This treatment aims for a gradual weight loss, until the ideal weight is reached. Then we focus on how to maintain that healthy weight long-term. The process doesn’t involve radical calorie cutback, but all the way cultivates the habits of maintaining a healthy calorie intake in a regular way, with other helpful lifestyle habits such as moderate exercise.

We use hypnotherapy methods to facilitate and deepen the learning of these empowering cognitive and behavioural skills:

  • Following a nutritious and healthy diet (without fasting, and radical restraint)

  • Having healthier eating habits: e.g. eating mindfully (leading to more satisfaction!)

  • How to think in a more helpful way about food, hunger and eating

  • Coping with cravings and emotional eating

  • Coping with stress better

  • How to change self-sabotaging thinking to truly helpful thinking

  • Improving body image, self-esteem

  • Learning how to approach and overcome any other psychological barrier to weight loss

The client is further supported with motivating reading materials and individualized weight loss hypnotherapy recordings.

In most cases, a treatment consisting of 4-6 sessions (one per week) can empower the client with these essential psychological and behavioural skills and will initiate the weight loss process with evident changes occurring. Then, if there is need, our work can continue with less frequent, ‘booster’ sessions to help you fine tune your skills, solve problems and maintain the results.

The first session is 90 minutes where we: have a comprehensive assessment; set goals for our work; talk about the treatment plan (the methods we will use, the timeframe etc., tailoring everything to your needs and preferences); start working towards the goals right away.

Weight Loss Treatment is available on Skype as well

Online therapy has the same effectiveness as traditional face to face therapy. Learn more about Skype Sessions here.

Ready to get started or would like to know more?

I would be happy to discuss with you any questions or concerns you may have about Weight Loss Treatment, without any obligation.