The Meditable Goal Meditation app is transforming into a youtube channel 🔥 So we can bring our beloved guided meditations to more people with less hassle.👌 Our meditations are goal-oriented and actionable.🤛 They are designed to help you reach your goals and improve yourself in specific areas of your life, like:  🧘‍♂️Productivity, Study & Work […]

The therapeutic use of hypnosis can involve a wide range of versatile subjective experiences. We can think of hypnosis as a state of heightened suggestibility (receptiveness) with increased absorption in inner experiences. Consequently, the subjective experience of hypnosis will be determined by the nature of the inner work that the therapist and client engage in. […]

London Group of Relaxation, Hypnosis & Culture Seeking Let’s get together to learn relaxation techniques, to discuss interesting topics of psychology, hypnosis and culture to cultivate a more balanced, stress-free and intellectually stimulating lifestyle. We started this group to share evidence-based relaxation methods and useful psychological knowledge with anybody interested in reducing daily stress, improving […]

I would like to share with you a Stoic evening meditation that I’ve come across and found very interesting. Seneca (c. 4 BC – AD 65) gives an account of this meditation, initially promoted by an other Roman philosopher called Sextius (fl. 50 BC).  So it goes like this: ”Every day, we must call upon […]

In this article, I would like to describe the main characteristics of depersonalization and derealisation experiences and some of my findings resulting from my research during my postgraduate studies with regard to depersonalization among drug users and meditators.  Definition / Phenomenology First of all, what is a depersonalization (DP) experience?  According to the DSM V, a major, […]