The Meditable Goal Meditation app is transforming into a youtube channel 🔥 So we can bring our beloved guided meditations to more people with less hassle.👌 Our meditations are goal-oriented and actionable.🤛

Meditable Guided Meditation Youtube Channel

They are designed to help you reach your goals and improve yourself in specific areas of your life, like: 

🧘‍♂️Productivity, Study & Work Performance, Health, Sports, Weight-Loss, Confidence, Stress-Relief, Sleep, Love, Gratitude, Presence, Acceptance, Values.🧘

In our meditations we use versatile & effective techniques like: Visualisation, Suggestions / Affirmations, Self-Statements, Relaxation techniques, Resting on well-established meditation and personal development principles.👌

Check it out, subscribe and enjoy the benefits of a regular meditation habit, conveniently guided on youtube.

Please share your experiences in the comment section of the videos! 🙏 We’d love to hear from you.

Happy meditating! 🙂

Link to the channel