Our beloved meditation app has gone through some updates including enhanced meditation stats, iphone X compatibility and design improvements. For this occasion I thought I put out a little intro to the app for those who are unfamiliar with it and would like to know more.

Meditable empowers you to create your own tailor-made guided meditation sessions. Our meditation materials are goal-oriented. They are designed to help you achieve your goals and improve yourself in specific areas of your life. 

Most of our content is a bit different from fully mindfulness-oriented meditations. Our aim with creating a calm, meditative mindset, apart from letting you enjoy all its general benefits, is to also teach you how to use this relaxed state to work on your goals in a more targeted and proactive way. 

We do this with enjoyable and effective psychological techniques, such as Visualization, Self-Statements and Positive Suggestions. Meditable rests on widely-endorsed meditational, self-help, and psychological principles.

You can think about guided goal-meditation as your inner stage with your own trainer. Here you can practice in a safe and inspiring way: attitudes, thoughts, and behaviours that will help you improve, make positive changes and achieve your goals. 

Meditation Sessions are built from 3 types of Tracks:

Intro Tracks

Intro tracks help you to create a relaxed physical and mental state that is beneficial in itself, and also provides an ideal inner atmosphere for you to work on your personal development in a focused and engaging way.

You can customize your relaxation experience by choosing an intro track of your preference for your coming session. The intro tracks offer different ways to create a relaxed, meditative state, and have different lengths as well, to accommodate your momentary needs. 

Goal Tracks

Goal tracks help you to improve yourself in specific areas of your life in a systematic and targeted way. Each goal track guides you through a sub-topic, teaching you skills, attitudes, concepts and giving you positive reinforcements, based on established psychological principles. 

Among our topics are: Goal-achievement, productivity, time-management, work & study performance, health-habits, stress-management, sleep, self-confidence, presence, gratitude, personal values and love.

Goal tracks offer you three forms of mental approaches to help you facilitate the positive changes you would like to create in your life: Positive suggestions, Visualization and Self-Statements. I’ll go into more detail about these in a different dedicated post.

Ending Tracks

Ending tracs help you to conclude your meditation, reinforce its benefits and blend the calm, centered mindset into the rest of your day. You can choose an ending that best fits your needs for your session.

For longer sessions you might prefer to choose a longer ending to have a more gradual conclusion and emerging experience. 

For shorter, more ‘to the point’ sessions, you may prefer to have an ending that helps you quickly conclude the session and continue your day with the beneficial mindset you’ve created. 

When you have a meditation session before going to sleep, you can choose an ending that helps you to relax further and have a restful sleep.

Unguided Time

This is an extra track type. These tracks allow you to plan some unguided time in your sessions. You may want to use these to
spend more time for reflection after an important visualization, or to just simply enjoy resting in the beneficial, relaxed state of meditation. 

You can also use these, to create almost fully unguided sessions, where you only use an Intro, a preferred length of Unguided time and an ending to conclude your session. 

I hope this made you curious to go ahead and try some meditations, create personalized sessions and enjoy the benefits of a regular meditation habit with such a cool tool.

Go ahead and download it from the app store.

P.S. Android people fear not. We are working on that version. In the meantime, enjoy some of the meditations here.