I would like to briefly describe the currently most established psychological treatment approaches to depersonalization that I also use in my work when treating the symptoms. These approaches are based on Cognitive-Behavioural and Acceptance and Commitment therapy interventions. I apply these within a hypnotherapy framework. Cognitive interventions We have seen how important the personal interpretation of a […]

   We can classify the different approaches to hypnotherapy using roughly three big categories: Cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapies, Ericksonian hypnotherapies and Psychodynamic hypnotherapies. In this brief discussion, I will describe the main characteristics of these approaches and the most prominent differences between them.    Cognitive-behavioural hypnotherapy (CBH) uses hypnosis partly as a facilitator, a therapeutically ideal context when applying CBT interventions. CBH also uses […]

   From the very beginning, the therapeutic and entertainment aspects of hypnotic practices have always been intertwined. Mesmer and many other practitioners of mesmerism and later hypnotism (e.g. Jean-Martin Charcot), besides their private therapeutic practice, often made public demonstrations in a theatrical manner. These demonstrations, apart from serving educational and publicity purposes meant excellent entertainment.     […]

From mesmerism to hypnotism    In the history of philosophical, religious and healing practices, we can find many elements that greatly resemble what we call hypnosis today. These elements often include: Creating an altered state of awareness; Chanting words and phrases with the belief in their transforming power; Facilitating healing with the power of touch […]